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For over 20 years, Inclusive Group have been at the forefront of the promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, building a globally recognised consultancy and delivering results that make the complicated clear. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide solutions using a commercial, evidence-based, actionable approach.  

Our work has been recognised by The Guardian as a Top 10 Global I&D Professional Consultancy.  

Cutting through the jargon to make the unclear, clear.  We are in the business of behaviour.


Talk to us about how to create an inclusive culture that enables diversity to thrive. 

Global Diversity List 2021

Very proud to announce that our founder and CEO @sasha has been recognised as one of the ten leading Global Diversity Consultants. This is a brilliant honour and recognises the work that Sasha and the team at Inclusive Group do in the world of Inclusion and Diversity.

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Clarity is critical, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion can be overwhelming.  Language is fluid, ever changing, societally and culturally defined.

We often don’t know what to say, so we say nothing, for fear of saying the ‘wrong’ thing.

At inclusive Group we are pragmatic, we are commercial, we meet you where you are - we are not here to judge. 


Our style is conceptual, experiential and visceral. We have been in this space for 20 years and we are constantly evolving.


Our premise is always making content relevant and contextual. We focus on actions and behaviours not words and hot air.



We are scientific – we harness behavioural science nudge theory to embed inclusivity into culture.


We don’t believe in a ‘one and done’ approach. Our clients do the talking.

Our Solutions

We  leverage our extensive market experience and provide unique, insightful value-added solutions so that inclusivity and bias is understood and addressed across the entirety of any organisation at any level. 

Psychological Safety

Inclusive Language

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Behaviour

Inclusive  Coaching

Inclusive Synergy

Inclusive Allyship

Inclusive Mentoring

Inclusion & Diversity Masterclass

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Marketing, Brand and Comms

Master Class


Sasha Scott

Inclusion is a verb, it’s a doing word – the challenge is most humans on the planet are inclusive with people like them.  To embed equity and increase diversity we all have a part to play because inclusion is incremental, we just need to re-think and unlearn.  Embedding Psychological Safety into hybrid asynchronous working culture is business critical - it’s not a nice to have, its essential to unlock innovation and allow the workers of  tomorrow to thrive.  What is needed is a systemic business -led approach to I&D with bold actions for inclusion and multivariate diversity.

sasha scott

Founder and CEO

Sasha Scott,


Hear from our Clients

"Our organisation, like many in the third sector, has been very focussed on bringing about positive change in the outside world, and less so on our own levels of inclusiveness and our own diversity.  Sasha gave our team a powerful introduction to our inherent biases and ways of working, which we need to address.  Sasha’s presentation had a big impact on us and set the tone for a really positive and thoughtful session for our team.  We are thankful for Sasha’s contribution to our evolving culture and practice, and for creating an open atmosphere in the team.  We are excited to initiate a new depth of diversity in our work."

Christine Colvin, Director of Partnership & Communication

The Rivers Trust

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