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Diversity Network focus session: Responding to the Great Resignation

Tackling staff attrition and strengthening the current workforce.

Watch the Video Now:

Tackling staff attrition and strengthening the current workforce
- Understanding the context of the workplace in 2023
- Considering the issues that matter most to employees
- Inclusion and belonging behaviour
- Tackling fearful leadership
- Tips for staff retention
Sasha Scott, CEO, Inclusive Group

Followed by:

Panel Discussion: Top tips for retaining staff and building a stronger in-house team
- Have you noticed a pattern of turnover contagion in your setting – that is, once one person leaves, others follow?
- What about the idea that some people are ‘job swapping’ – changing jobs to be able to work remotely?
- How are you continuing to develop flexible working practices and wellbeing initiatives?
- Much of the Western world is predicted to enter recession – do you think this might slow down the number of people leaving work?
- What practical suggestions can you share that have been working in your organisation to boost job satisfaction, loyalty and retain staff?

Devi Virdi, Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Centrica
Steve Morley, CEO, Ifnotme Inclusion Training
Nicky Garcea, Co-Founder, President and Global Clients – Talent Acquisition and Management, Cappfinity

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