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2021 Trends and Insights

On the 10th March Elliott Scott HR UK held a webinar in partnership with Sasha Scott, Founder of Inclusive Group and special guest Daisy Reeves, Partner at international law firm BCLP on “Equality, Diversity & Inclusion – Trends & Insights”.

D&I has always been a keen area of focus for us and we have run a number of seminars discussing the issue of diversity in the workplace but it has never been as timely as it is now.

The ‘new normal’ brought to us by Covid-19 and the shift to virtual working has caused a deepening of inequality and biases. Sasha described 2021 as a year that will be marked by disclosure on social reporting and data excellence, as well an unprecedented increase of interest in ESG investment. We will see a more corporate narrative around the importance of D&I and its impact on the business. D&I will have to be considered as a broad and complex issue that needs a holistic and innovative approach.

Sasha listed 5 top trends that will be the subject of EDI discussions moving forward:

- The rising importance of psychological safety

- Transparency and being mindful of “social washing” practices

- Accountability and doing “the right thing”

- Creating a culture of Inclusion and Innovation

- Managing in a post pandemic hybrid environment and capability to lead without bias

Whilst the importance of data, reporting and analytics will increase, there are a few issues to be aware of, especially when managing an international workforce. Daisy shared her perspective as a legal professional and brought attention to some legal implications that may arise when collating information about employees.

HR Managers need to act sensibly, being aware of regional regulations that vary across jurisdictions and tailor their surveys and strategies not only from a cultural perspective but also from a legislation point of view. It is wise and may be cheaper to consult a lawyer before taking action!

If you would like to discuss the points raised above further, you can get in touch with Sasha at and Daisy at If you would like to discuss the HR market, your job search or your hiring needs you can get in touch with myself on LinkedIn or at

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